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    Tuesday 20 September 2011

    Day Fourteen - Home

    After our 11 hour flight, we arrived into Istanbul around 5:15 local time. We didn't sleep at all during the flight. Turkish Airlines is a fine airline, but their economy has to have the tightest seats possible. Usual long distance planes fit in 8 seats per row, Turkish squeeze in 9. The flight into Seoul was more comfortable, so it must depend on the plane.

    The airport in Istanbul does have an airside hotel. We did price it and were tempted to book a room for 3 hours, which is the minimum stay, but at over €100 we opted to find some seats to pass in the 5 hour window between connecting flights.

    Our flight for Dublin left at 10:45am and we landed back into Ireland 4 hours later.

    What an incredible holiday, two very contrasting cities and people. Thanks for sharing our holiday with us. Until the next time!

    Patrick & Vinnie

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