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    Sunday 18 September 2011

    Day Twelve – Jin Mao Tower

    The Jin Mao Tower was the first scraper to be built in Shanghai. It paved the way for the thousands of others to quickly follow. At one point this tower was the tallest in the city, only to have been replaced by the neighbouring Shanghai World Financial Centre.
    Walking down the Nanjing Road, the biggest Apple Store in China is soon to open
    The Statue to Mao along The Bund
    Bamboo used as scaffolding
    The observation deck is located on the 88th floor. We took it easy this morning and headed up this tower for dusk to witness the magical transformation from daylight to nightlight within which the city jumped to life with all kinds of neon illuminations.

    Heading to the Jin Mao Tower today
    The viewing deck (on top) of the Shanghai World Financial Centre
    Most of the buildings are switched fully on around 7pm, but they stagger their lighting up in the hour proceeding. The building is built around the number 8 and reminded us of the empire state building in New York City. It’s not just another skyscraper, it was the first in Pudong and signal the start of the building boom. The views from the 88th floor where incredible. You are just below the Shanghai World Financial, so you can see it’s observation deck clearly. Beneath you is the Oriental Pearl.
    Vinnie with Shanghai below from the Jin Mao Tower
    Shanghai beginning to light up
    The mid-section of the Shanghai World Financial Centre from the Jin Mao Tower
    Shanghai illuminated with The Bung area lighting up the banks

    Inside the Jin Mao Tower is a Hyatt Grand Hotel. You can look right down it's atrium from the viewing deck on floor 88.

    We took the sightseeing tunnel over today. It’s not worth the money, around €5 for a single ticket, you board a small carriage and get taken through a tunnel under the river. The tunnel is decorated with flashing lights and named sections such as starlight’s and meteor shower.

    We rounded off the evening with a visit to a veggie restaurant in the super brand mall that we had spotted two days earlier. The menu was massive, with everything made using mock meat. We worked up a hunger and ate lots.
    Mock Pork Balls

    Tomorrow is our last day in the city before we set off on our return journey to Dublin.

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